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The Philip Smookler Postcard Collection

Postcards share our vacation adventures with friends and family around the world. 

They have become treasured memories of travels and snapshots of our lives.

The Smookler Collection is especially notable for images of Masonic buildings around the world. Many of these edifices are, sadly, no longer standing.

Recapture the travels and interests of Philip Smookler in this expansive collection.

Helene V. Smookler, daughter of Philip Smookler, shared a short biography of her father:

      “Just briefly, Philip was born in 1907 (we are not certain where) and raised in Brooklyn New York by immigrant parents. He was very independent and adventurous, striking out and flying by-planes as a youngster. He went to seek his fortune in California in 1939 and our mother Mary Marmor followed and they were married in Berkeley that year. He was in the airplane, haberdashery, camera, and other businesses. He also spent time working for Richfield Oil in Cuyama. All during these business adventures, he joined a number of Civic Organizations, including Lions, Rotary, and Masons. He loved to contribute to the community and found them to be great networking and interesting organizations.

      Our dad particularly enjoyed the Masons, and went on to become a 32˚ (or 33˚ - I’m not certain) and a Shriner. I know he was very interested in the Shriner’s hospital. The rich history and ethical code behind the Masonic tradition were particularly meaningful for him. He died in 1983.”

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You can take a virtual tour of remarkable Masonic edifices from across the United States and around the world by simply "clicking"on the images below. Happy travels!

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