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New York

home chapel utica bk.png
soldiers utica frnt.png

Soldiers and Sailors Masonic Memorial Hospital, Utica, New York

chaple utica bk.png
home chapel utica frnt.png

Masonic Home and Chapel, Utica, New York

Hornell bk.png
chapel utica frnt.png

The Chapel Masonic Home, Utica, New York

125 home utica bk.png
125 view home Utica frnt.png

View at Masonic Home, Utica, New York

Illion bk.png
Hornell frnt.png

Masonic Temple, Hornell, New York

Illion frnt.png

Masonic Temple, Illion, New York

new rochelle frnt.png

Masonic Temple, New Rochelle, New York

hamburg bk.png
hamburg frnt.png

Masonic Building, Hamburg, New York

temple albany bk.png
temple albany frnt.png

Masonic Temple, Albany, New York

temple buffalo frnt.png

Masonic Temple, Buffalo, New York

lib temple catskill.png

Library and Masonic Temple, Catskill, New York

Ransville bk.png
Cherry valley frnt.png

Main Street and Genesse Street, Historic Cherry Valley, New York

Masons Ransonville frnt.png

Main Street showing Masonic Building and Ransom Home, Ransomville, New York

home utica frnt.png

Masonic Home, Utica, New York

temple rochester frnt.png

Masonic Temple, Rochester, New York

grants tmb bk.png
grant's tomb.png

Grant's Tomb, New York

Grant's Tomb overlooking the North (or Hudson) River from Riverside Drive at 123rd Street, is the Nation's Memorial to General Ulysses S. Grant, one of the soldier presidents of the United States. The massive sarcophagus in which rest the bodies of President Grant and his wife is open to public view. The memorial cost $600,000 and was completed in 1897.

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