George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia.

This great Memorial to George Washington the Mason, is situated on a hill west of Alexandria between the City of Washington and Mount Vernon. The imposing 250 foot high Memorial overlooks to the north, the city of Washington and to the south Mt. Vernon, his home: while to the east lies Alexandria, Virginia, which city he helped to plan. The Memorial will house a priceless collection of memorabilia of Washington, including numerous article closely connected with his career in the Masonic order.

George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia.

Grotto Room at the National Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia.

Interior, Alexandria Washington Masonic Lodge No. 22, Alexandria, Virginia.

History of Old Masonic Chair. This Chair was one of three presented by Lord Baltimore to lodges of Virginia and used by the Masonic Lodge at Alexandria, Virginia, of which George Washington, "Father of his Country," was a member and Master. The threatened invasion of that section by the BritishArmy during the Revolutionary War caused suspension of Alexandria Lodge, and this chair was intrusted for safekeeping to Captain George B. Russell, who sailed to Denton, N.C., a prominent Colonial seaport, where he married, became a member of Unanimity Lodge, No. 7 AF&AM, and, on being informed that the Alexandria Lodge had not been revived, presented the chair to Unanimity Lodge on July 6, 1778, to which old records of this lodge fully attest, and where said chair has continuously remained since that date.

Washington Mother Lodge, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Washington Mother Lodge, Fredericksburg, Virginia. George Washington was made a Mason in this Old Masonic Lodge, on November 4th, 1752. Later an honorary degree was conferred on General Lafayette in a special meeting attended by that gallant Frenchman.

Masonic Lodge, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Washington's Mother Lodge, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Alexandria Washington Masonic Lodge, Alexandria, Virginia.

Masonic Temple, Danville, Virginia.

Masonic Hall, Richmond, Virginia.


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