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Grace Dee May Museum:

Illuminating the Legacy of the West

The Grace Dee May Museum is a unique testament to the vision of an exceptional woman, Audrey Marie Stein, who dedicated her life to fulfilling a dream of illuminating the legacy of the West.


As a trailblazing educator, Audrey Marie Stein was a champion of expanding educational opportunities for students of all ages. Aside from her work in classrooms and on college campuses, she followed her passion for collecting and preserving extraordinary works of art as well as artifacts of historical significance.

Galleries, Tours, Lectures, Workshops & More

Today, the Grace Dee May Museum, located at the historic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, presents Audrey Marie Stein's personal collections of unique works of art in a gallery environment. The museum also hosts, lectures, workshops and performances to expand the knowledge of visitors of all ages. 


Our Mission:

The Grace Dee May Museum is committed to advancing the public's knowledge and understanding of the American West and the contributions that Freemasonry has played in its development.

Our Vision:

The Grace Dee May Museum will seek to present a thematic look at the American West by utilizing its extensive collection of Western Art, and incorporate California history to broaden and deepen the public knowledge and appreciation of the men and women that settled the western part of the United States.


Learn More About Our Museum

Click on the buttons below to take a Virtual Tour or read about our Director Emeritus, Audrey Marie Stein, our Museum Curator and Board Members. 


The Grace Dee May Museum, located at the historic Shrine Auditorium, is open selected evenings and weekends and for group tours.


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Expanding Knowledge of the Art & History of the American West


The Grace Dee May Museum's primary focus is to trace the Western Movement beginning with the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  


Our extensive Western Bronze Collection drives the story of the American Cowboy and his life of hardship and the many trials faced by explorers and pioneers. In addition, our galleries comprise artifacts including Navajo rugs, Kachina dolls, bronzes and paintings which share the impact of the western migration on the indigenous tribes and their way of life.


The Grace Dee May Museum exhibits an array of western artists and presents the legends and lore of personalities of the Old West including storytellers like Will Rogers, and authors including 

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Willa Cather, and Samuel Langhorne Clemens, and many others.


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The Brotherhood of the West in the Family of Freemasonry


The Grace Dee May Museum also highlights the connections of western adventurers to the family of Freemasonry. Many of the most prominent pioneers and personalities were Freemasons. As settlers on the prairies put down roots, it was often the Freemasons among them who helped build communities, schools and libraries, and railroads in the West.

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From the Old World to the New World in History & Art

The Grace Dee May Museum also includes Audrey Marie Stein's personal collections of art from around the world.

European Bronze, Russian and Greek Icons, and the impressive collections of Jade, Soapstone, and Ivory reflect Ms. Stein's appreciation of art and artifacts from many cultures.


Aside from the fine art and historical objects at the Grace Dee May Museum, visitors will enjoy viewing many vintage and collectible items.These include Disneyana, dolls and toys, costumes and jewelry, textiles and heirloom quilts, glass and pottery, and a unique collection of vintage buttons.

The Grace Dee May Museum appreciates your support


Grace Dee May Inc. (EIN: 03-0591428) is a qualified tax exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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