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Postcard of a sign marker near Midway, Georgia

"ACH – Road of Sunbury, 1734

Important Colonial port of entry. First Masonic Lodge meeting in Georgia believed held here February, 1734, with Oglethorpe as Master.


Scottish Rite Hospital, Decatur, Georgia

SR-decatur-easr wing.jpg

Scottish Rite Hospital – East Wing, Decatur, Georgia


Scottish Rite Hospital – "Old Scottish Rite Hospital", Decatur, Georgia

Old Scottish Rite Hospital


In 1915, with Dr. Michael Hoke serving as the first Medical Director, the Scottish Rite Convalescent Home for Crippled Children was founded to served crippled and recovering children from nearby Atlanta hospitals. At first a rented cottage with six beds in Decatur, Georgia it grew and expanded to become the Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 


In the 1970’s the hospital moved to a new location in North Atlanta. The original building was sold and repurposed as an office building and community center. 

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