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"It's May, it's May..."

Since ancient times, May 1st traditionally has been celebrated as May Day – marking the return of warmer weather and as a time of renewal of the earth when flowers are blooming and birds are singing. 

In the famed Broadway hit, Camelot, Queen Guinevere joyfully sings, “It’s May, it’s May, that joyous holiday!” Singing songs and dancing around a May pole, and the crowning of a Queen of the May was a long-standing English tradition. In other European countries, May was celebrated with carnivals, special feasts, and/or the giving of bouquets of flowers to family and friends.

In America, the tradition of celebrating May continued by giving cone-shaped May Day baskets of flowers and hanging bouquets of flowers on doors.

Springtime is here. So, take time today to celebrate the beauty of flowers and share them with your friends. As is often quoted, “Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.”

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