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A Man and his Castle

Among California's most flamboyant native sons, William Randolph Hearst was born in San Francisco on April 29, 1863. His father, George Hearst, was a mining engineer during the Gold Rush but it would be his son, William Randolph Hearst, who would "strike it rich" and find unequaled fame and fortune with a news media empire stretching from coast-to-coast, as well as pursuing his interests in politics and Hollywood films.

Young Hearst was smart and ambitious. He dropped out of Harvard University in 1887 and returned to San Francisco to take the helm as publisher of the San Francisco Examiner. Not content with a single newspaper, Hearst purchased the New York Morning Journal and other newspapers across the country. The Hearst newspaper empire was infamous for delivering "yellow journalism" and Hearst had unequaled influence on public opinion and on American policies at home and abroad including promoting the country into a war with Cuba in 1897. Seeking to expand his powerful influence, Hearst ran for political office numerous times and served in Congress. He also ran, unsuccessfully, for the