Vintage Buttons

Many people remember their mother or grandmother's prized "button box". Women carefully stored buttons cut off clothes no longer able to be worn to be available for re-purposing on newly sewn homemade items of clothing.

Buttons, however, are a design essential – not just a way of keeping a shirt fastened or a pair of trousers from falling down.

As decorative and functional items, buttons were made of countless materials from bone and ivory, to wood and a variety of metals and, later, out of plastics and substances like Bakelite and Celluloid.

Buttons can be simple disks or highly carved or molded into exotic designs and whimsical shapes.

Whatever your style and fancy – there are buttons you'd enjoy collecting or viewing!


Grace Dee May Museum at the Historic Shrine Auditorium

665 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007

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