The Director Emeritus of the Grace Dee May Museum, Audrey Marie Stein, was an enthusiastic and avid collector of fine art and rare antiques and also sought out vintage treasures and collectibles.

While investing in a variety of fine arts, she also developed a personal hobby of collecting a number of large drinking mugs known as steins.

"Stein" (or "styne") is an English term referring to a substantial mug commonly used to hold beer.


Traditionally, steins were crafted from stoneware, a ceramic clay which is fired at a high temperature to create opaque and sturdy pottery.


In German, "stein" is translated as "stone" and is also used to refer to a mug used to hold beer or other beverages.

For generations, steins have been crafted from ceramic stoneware but also made from finer porcelain, wood, pewter, silver and glass. They are often decorative and commonly used as souvenirs and prized by collectors around the world. 


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