Glass & Ceramics

Ceramics and glass have both a practical use and also are things of beauty. Since ancient times, humans have used clay and water to form bowls used for cooking and serving food. As the centuries progressed, early man took pride in decorating these tools and implements to make them more pleasing to the eye.

By the Paleolithic period, clay was also used to create figurines of humans and animals which held mystical significance.

Archeologists have unearthed fragments of ancient pottery which had either been air-dried or fired in a kiln in every corner of the world which help them convey the stories of how a particular civilization lived.

The ancient Egyptians were creating simple glass beads and as techniques and craftsmanship improved, glass objects were not only used for tableware but were highly prized as decorative arts throughout Asia, the Middle East and European cultures.

Glasswork and pottery have both transitioned from the practical to objects designed and crafted simply for the beauty they convey.


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