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Fraternal Art

The popularity of collecting artwork and ceremonial artifacts from various fraternal organizations is a popular hobby.


Whether one is a member of a Masonic affiliated group like the Shriners, the Order of the Eastern Star, or other concordant and appendant bodies – or if one is a member of another fraternal organization like the Oddfellows, the Knights of Pythias, the Independent Order of Foresters, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Loyal Order of Moose, or countless other such groups – collecting and preserving artifacts from these organizations is often as thrilling as a treasure hunt.


Many objects of fraternal interest can be purchased affordably at garage or estate sales while rarer items can be highly prized due to their scarcity and because of the materials which they are crafted from, often gold and silver with precious gems.

up to you copy.png
shrine metal statue.png
ShrineCertif1 copy.jpg
freemasonry paper.png
camel pin.png
will rogers.jpg
grand council ribbon.png
green shrine pin.png
Long Beach Scottish Rite.png
alhambra medal.png
souvenir medal.png
grand lodge book.png
triangle medal.png
 vermont medal.png
al malaikah holder.png
kokomo shrine medal.png
shag shriners 2.png
Grand lodge england.png
medal San Francisco 1904.png
old apron.png
masonic ribbon 1.png
parade to glory.png
OES ribbon.png
masonic postcard.png
burbank lodge.png
old St. Louis ribbon.png
past preceptor ribbon.png
OK Scottish Rite postcard.png
rose parade.png
shrine medal 3.png
scottish rite pin.png
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