Costumes & Jewelry

Adornments of precious metals, glittering gems and pearls have intrigued collectors throughout recorded history.

From simple bracelets and rings or decorated combs to grace a woman's crowning glory to elaborate crowns worn by queens and kings on every continent, jewelry has delighted both the wearer and the beholder. 

From Practicality to Frivolous and Fabulous Fashion

Similarly, costumes have defined the ages of every civilization from the practical work clothes to intricate beading and embroidery on fine satin and velvet dresses and frock coats. We can look back at "what we wore" to discover more about "who we were" in every generation.

Fashion Forward: The Talents of Audrey Marie Stein

Audrey Marie Stein, Director Emeritus of the Grace Dee May Museum was a talented and accomplished fashion designer and dressmaker. In addition to creating her own clothing, Audrey also inspired countless students to look at careers in the fashion industry in a new light –

not just as utilitarian clothing but as an outlet for creativity and artistic vision. Throughout her career, she established innovative programs for teaching fashion design and manufacturing to students.

The Grace Dee May Museum offers up an array of collectible fashion and jewelry in our galleries.


Grace Dee May Museum at the Historic Shrine Auditorium

665 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007

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