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Carl Kauba


Carl Kauba rose from his humble beginnings as the son of a shoemaker in Vienna, Austria, to become a renowned sculptor.


Kauba studied in Austria at the Academy of Fine Arts and in Paris where he developed exceptional craftsmanship in producing European bronze statues. However, Kauba's future success began with his fascination with the legends and lore of the American West.


Among scholars, there is doubt that Kauba ever personally visited America, let alone set foot on the prairies. Many believe that Kauba's artistic vision and depictions of cowboys and native Americans stemmed from popular novels propelling the romance and adventure of the American West. 

Lariat Chase Kauba.jpg
"Lariat Chase"
Original proof copy
made by Carl Kauba
war and peace2.jpg
"War" and "Peace"
A pair of bronze sculptures by Carl Kauba
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