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Stamps & Coins

Are you a Philatelist or a numismatist? If you are, then you know you are not alone. The popular pastime of collecting stamps (Philately) or collecting coins (Numismatics) are among the world’s most popular hobbies. 


Both of these hobbies appeal not only to the “treasure hunter” mentality in most of us but because it is an easy and fun activity for people of all ages. When you find a coin or stamp you’ve been searching for – you are holding a part of history in the palm of your hand. Unlike collecting large objects, an interest in stamps or coins is an activity which anyone can find and easily do within their own home.


Artistic Expression in

Form and Function


Aside from the intrinsic value in precious metals in some coins and their face value or worth as a rarity from antiquity, coins are also artistic in form as they are small relief sculptures.


Similarly, stamps from nations around the world are miniature printed examples of artistic expression which always tell a story in their design, color, style and in their source of origin.


We welcome you to explore the collections of stamps and coins assembled by Audrey Marie Stein, the Director Emeritus of the Grace Dee May Museum. 

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