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Great Dads deserve to be celebrated.

The Grace Dee May Museum is celebrating fatherhood with an upcoming special live theatrical performance you won’t want to miss ... a tribute to the extraordinary life of the Father of our Country – George Washington.

“This is Your Life: Brother George Washington” is a theatrical performance that recreates a vintage radio broadcast of the life of America’s first President.

You’ll discover little known facts about this legendary man and Freemason who led America in her fight for independence and in the first turbulent years of our country’s life.

Please make plans to join us for a free performance at the Grace Dee May Museum located at the historic Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Tickets are limited and advance reservations are necessary.

To learn more and to request your free tickets:

Go to Menu Bar, click on "Visit", see "Future Exhibitions" and click on "See More"

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