Welcome to the Grace Dee May Museum's

virtual Grand Lodge 2020 Booth

Nothing Can Stop the Brotherhood of Masons!

Last year, the Grace Dee May Museum welcomed hundreds of Masonic Brothers and their family members at our booth in the Exhibition Hall at Grand Lodge in San Francisco.  Despite the restrictions and social distancing that have resulted in the 171st Annual Communication of California Masons needing to go virtual, our Museum's Exhibit is "Open for the Business of Brotherhood".

No Handshakes – But Plenty of Handouts & Fun!

Scroll through our Virtual Exhibit Booth and learn more about exciting collections and special events at the Grace Dee May Museum where the legacy of Freemasonry is illuminated within the art and history of the West. Enjoy a preview of the GDM Museum by clicking on the "Discover" video button below.

Vote Brotherhood

The three pillars of Masonry unite our members despite the differences we might have on politics, what nation we call home, what faith we follow, or the color of our skin. In a year that has been fraught with fears over a worldwide pandemic and economic chaos, it is more important than ever to stand up for unity in Brotherhood. We can all respectfully "agree to disagree" on political candidates and party platforms but, as the theme of our GDM Exhibit Booth proclaims, let's all Vote Brotherhood not only on Election Day but every day!

The Grace Dee May Museum Gift Shop has a variety of apparel and gifts reflecting our theme of Vote Brotherhood. Check out our hats, t-shirts and gifts and enjoy FREE SHIPPING now by clicking on the button below.

Download Your Free "Patriotic Spirit" Poster

Our Masonic Brother George Washington courageously led the Colonies to victory in the Revolutionary War before serving as America's first President. Normally retailing for $25, the Grace Dee May Museum is proud to give you an exclusive gift of a FREE downloadable poster just for visiting our virtual Grand Lodge Booth. Click on the "Patriotic Spirit" Poster below to download your FREE Poster!

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Test Your Knowledge of Masonic Political Leaders

How well do you know American history? Download our fun quiz sheet and match up the Masonic Brothers who threw their hats into the political ring with the office they won. Click on the button below to take our quiz.

Thanks For the Memories!

We can't forget all the wonderful times shared with our Masonic Family in 2019 at Grand Lodge. Watch this quick video to see some familiar and friendly faces of guests who stopped by to say hello to the Board of Directors and staff at the GDM Exhibit Booth at last year's Grand Lodge session.

Enjoy a Taste of San Francisco!

Part of the fun of attending Grand Lodge is the fellowship spent with Brothers after each session. Whether it is jumping on an iconic cable car for a trip to Ghirardelli Square, or for an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista, or sipping a cocktail at the Top of the Mark while enjoying a panoramic view of the Golden Gate – nothing compares to the sights, sounds, and tastes of visiting San Francisco. So, since you can't travel to the "City by the Bay", why not create some special experiences at home during the Virtual Grand Lodge? It can be as easy as heating up some clam chowder and serving it in a bread bowl.  Or re-create one of these iconic San Francisco cocktails in the comfort of your own home for some "mixology magic".

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Download a FREE Brochure

As Los Angeles' newest and most unique museum, the  Grace Dee May galleries present the art and history of the West along with the untold story of the lasting impact of Freemasonry on our communities and citizens. Our exhibits and special programs, lectures, and live performances seek to educate and inspire our visitors about Masonic ideals and contributions to building and improving lives.


As we plan for the reopening of our galleries to the public, we invite you to consider booking a group tour or reserving a VIP pass to one of our special events. Download a PDF copy of our Museum's brochure for more information.

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 Masonic Apparel, Gifts & More at our Gift Shop

The Grace Dee May Museum Gift Shop offers Masons a unique selection of exclusively designed t-shirts, hats, fine art posters, and an array of gift items which are not available anywhere else and shipping is always FREE. To visit our Gift Shop just click on the button below.

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Congratulations to Grand Master John Trauner

One year ago, Grand Master John Trauner stepped up to lead our fraternity. No one at that time could have anticipated the difficult challenges that would face our Grand Master and his corps of officers in 2020. We heartily and sincerely thank the Most Worshipful John Trauner for his leadership and steadfast dedication to all Masons in California.

Grand Master of Masons of California

Thank You for Visiting the

Grace Dee May Museum's

virtual Grand Lodge Exhibit Booth –

We Look Forward to Seeing You

In Person in San Francisco 2021



Grace Dee May Museum at the Historic Shrine Auditorium

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